Monsters on the Move
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As the mother of three and wife of a husband that loves to travel, I have spent that past 7 years perfecting traveling with a family.  From what to do and when to travel to inexpensive entertainment while away from home.  I hope that through my adventures with my family, you can find some fun things to do while traveling with yours! 

Our Story

Ben and I have been married for almost 10 years and have been together for 19 years.  As high school sweethearts, we were fortunate enough to travel a great deal before we started our family.  The down side of having 12 years together before kids is that we got to travel and we liked it!  Once the kids came along we were not contend to sit home, we still had too much to see and do.  So, what did we do?  We packed up our monsters and took them with us.  Declan, our son, was our first tag-along and now at 7, he has traveled to 26 states, Canada and the Virgin Islands.  Killian, our 6 year old daughter and Maggie, our 4 year old, don't lack for travel stories of their own. 

Having a family of 5 does present challenges while traveling though.  It is not cheap to move so many people! And keeping everyone entertained on vacation is not always cheap or easy, but we keep trying and finding new things to see and do.  I hope that you will find this website help and entertain while traveling with your families.


Where we've been
What We've Done

the beach
the mountains
baseball games
the country
... with so much more to come!

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